Monday, June 6, 2011

Babylace Edging, In Red...with Geraniums

Well...It's been a week since my last post, not intentionally...but that seems how life goes for me.  I get lots of tatting time, and then I get none.  I do a number of posts, and then I don't.  They go hand in hand.  This time, we are traveling, so first I was getting ready and then we were going...but I have been tatting.  In the car.  Which means the size 80 edging I'm doing on the hankie from Michelle is impossible!  Which means, I HAD to start another...really...

Here it is...

I found this hankie while on my Birthday antiquing geraniums, aren't they pretty!!!  They look so like these pretty wildflowers I found yesterday, while we were in the Tetons...

Obviously, I can't tat the entire time we are in the car...I have to look out the window...a lot...this is beautiful country!!!

Anyway, I tried Mary Konior's Babylace edging for the hankie from Diane, loved it, but not for that

I think it's perfect for this hankie.  The thread is a size 30 Clark's vintage thread.  I've gotten down one side and around the corner in three days.  I tatted a little cross too on our first day of travel, but the photo I managed tonight just doesn't do it I'll try again when the light is better.


  1. How pretty! That edging is so attractive. I love when rings are used unconventionally. That doesn't particularly make sense, but very nice! ^_^

  2. Baby Lace is the perfect edging for this hanky! Isn't it funny how a certain pattern or color just doesn't look right with one hanky, yet it's perfect for another? Enjoy your travels!

  3. I have tried this edging on so many things and just thought how blah, but it is stunning on this hankie, it goes to show you, the right color and size make all the difference.

    very impressive!

  4. What a great compliment for that hanky!!! :)

  5. That does look like a perfect choice. You are progressing quickly, too.

  6. Beautiful, I just love the red edging. I cant tat but I do crochet on occasion.

  7. I see you also working on a red rose hankie! I do like the edging you are using and of course the red thread. Nice work.
    Fox : )

  8. ... sorry - red geranium! : ))

  9. Thanks for the comment, Julie! Keep tatting that lovely red border!
    Fox : ))


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