Monday, December 31, 2012

Lace mat...round four in progress...

Halfway through round 4, plus a little...finishing it for my own pleasure.  I really didn't think I would be able to complete it in time for Jon's deadline, but it was fun to try.  I will work on it again how it is coming out, the pattern is just gorgeous!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lace Mat update...

Finished round to bed now, we will have to see how far I am able to progress befor Jon calls time tomorrow.  It really doesn't matter, but it will be fun to see how far I can get!

Color Block V-Stitch Prayer Shawl

I have been working on a number of projects over the past three months and hope to get many of them shared with you all.  This happens to be one that I finished tonight and wanted to document here so that I have the pattern for future use.  I coaxed my lovely daughter into modeling it for me so I could show you all...

It is a bit on the large side on her, but she is 13 and the fit is much less big on an adult woman. It is amply sized as I wanted it to fit a variety of women as this was created for a prayer shawl ministry, so if you are petit and making this for yourself I would downsize the number of rows done. 

I absolutely love how this shawl came out and definitely want to make one for myself.  The yarn is from a stash the ladies at my church keep for the prayer shawl ministry, so no matter how much I love this, it will be going to that ministry later this week.  This shawl just happened, I started this while at a Bible study and just sort of winged it...but it certainly became something worth repeating and so I will share the pattern here.

The V stitch is open and lacy and fast to work...I love the effect...

Really, I just love the whole project from beginning to end!  It was fun to work, and I love the modern color blocking that I chose to utilize in this pattern!

Enough of that, I promised the pattern:

Yarn used was a worsted weight.  I used 2 - 8 oz skeins of 2 different colors.  Here is what I had remaining after completing the shawl:

Begin by chaining 99 stitches + another 4 (for the 1st double crochet) 

*Turn and double crochet in the 4th chain from hook (equivalent of one V stitch)

**Skip 2 chains & double crochet, chain one, double crochet in next chain (1st V stitch)

repeat from ** 32 more times until end of chain (34 V stitches across total)

Chain 4, turn and repeat from * 7 more times

Change colors, 56 rows of V stitch in 2nd color (or to preferred fit)

Change colors, 8 rows of V stitch in 1st color

Seam together "sleeve" to edge of color change on both sides by your preferred method (I use slip stitch to seam my edges together)  This is what that looks like once turned inside out:

Decorative edging:

Starting at seam, add decorative edging to sleeve by attaching yarn via slip stitch next to seam, then skip 2, *double crochet in next, chain 2 & slip stitch behind top loop of double crochet just completed, **double crochet in same hole, chain 2 & slip stitch behind top loop of double crochet just comleted, repeat from ** 2 more times for a total of 4 in same hole.

Skip 2, single crochet in next two, skip 2 & repeat from * until have completed edging (15 shells total) tie off & weave in ends.

If you have any questions, please comment and I will try to explain.  This is the first crochet pattern I have really posted so there may be things I need to explain better or differently.    Here are a couple of additional photos, just for the fun of it...

Now, I am off to TRY and finish my tat-along lace mat...the end is at hand and though I was the among the first to begin I fear I will be the last to finish!!!  Here is where I left off...I am afraid I am easily distracted and that is where it rests still!
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