Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Completed Mary Konior Small Cross...

I left you all last when I had just started this cross, so I thought that would be a good place to begin again...

This is done in LizBeth size 20 Antique Violet Med. and Ecru...The pattern is Mary Konior's Small Cross from Tatting with Visual Patterns.  I added a tail done with a twisted stitch and repeated the arm motif for the top...I love how this one came out...
This is motif #11 in my 25 motif challenge.  I finished it about a week after I started it, but between travel, school starting, and a surgery for my husband...blogging simply has not gotten to occur for a couple of months.  I have completed several things that I would like to share...I hope to share more with you tomorrow.


  1. I hope your husband is doing well!

    The cross is really,really lovely. I wish, I could do the twisted stitch so nicely but I love the repeated motif in the arm.

  2. Your tatting is wonderful!

    Your life sounds hectic - good that you had a few moments with your shuttle!
    Fox : )

  3. That is a beautiful cross, and the colors you've used really set the pattern off nicely!

    I hope life takes a smoother path for you so that you can find more time to tat!

  4. Your cross looks great! I love your colors! :)


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