Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hearts for Valentine's Day...

I sincerely hope that each of you has had a pleasant Valentine's Day with your loved ones...I enjoyed the time I spent today with my daughters and husband.  It is nice to bring a smile and a little extra joy to the faces of those you love.

Here are two hearts that I completed recently...I wanted to try so many lovely heart patterns, but this was as far as time allowed!  There is still time though...so we'll see!!!  I do have Irene Woo's butterfly heart underway as well...though I ran short on thread on one shuttle and set it aside, adding more thread is something of a bother sometimes on a small motif, I really don't know why I do that to myself (not winding sufficient threat at the start).

The first of these is Heart's Desire by Susan K. Fuller...the pattern is available here and the second page here on Georgia Seitz's site, as well as a very wonderful diagram done by Frivole posted with Susan's permission available here

This is a lovely pattern, the heart's I have seen tatted from this all turn out beautifully...but the diagram done by Frivole certainly makes it easier to follow the written pattern!  I played with slightly larger picots than I have seen on others, I like the effect but would likely go with more standard size picots if I were to tat it again.  It was a bit difficult to keep them all the same size as I'm not used to making that size picot, I kept reverting to my usual size.  The thread is size 20 LizBeth in Victorian Red.

The second heart is called Tatted Heart and is from Handy Hands.  The pattern for it is available on their website here.

This is a fun and quick little heart to tat...but don't count things too carefully as there is an extra picot on one side of the clover, I was tatting while listening to a speaker and wasn't as careful as I might otherwise have been.  Didn't notice the extra picot until coming up that last side joining the 4th to last of the outer rings.  It still looks lovely as that is really only apparent to a tatter's eye.  This one also is done in LizBeth size 20, Victorian Red.

These motifs will also serve as #s 24 and 25 in my 25 motif challenge, and so I am have completed my 1st round...but, of course, I'll start a second round of the challenge as it does help to keep one tatting and it is fun to share and see what everyone else is tatting as well! 

May your evening and 'morrow be happy and spent with those you love and in doing what you love as I hope your Valentines Day was!!!

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  1. Beautiful hearts!!! I love the extra lacy look of the first one!! :)


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