Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July...

Happy 4th of July to each of you, I hope your day is wonderful wether or not you celebrate our Independence day!  I thought you might enjoy seeing some photos of girls and I in our 4th of July finery...

 The skirts we made last year, I made little Rosie Posie's and mine, but my older daughter made her own and her top as her practice skirt and top for her 4-H Fair sewing exhibit.  They are fairly simple gathered tier skirts.  I've made them in a variety of widths and number of tiers, always fun to play with.

This year, we only made some quick flowers for our hair as we are in the midst of sewing for fair again...the clips are done in a similar fashion to the ones I blogged about here.


I hope your holiday is wonderful and blessed...

Happy 4th of July!!!



  1. Happy 4th to you too! You all look so patriotic - not to mention comfy :) Good luck with all the 4H sewing for the fair - I always am impressed by all the various talents of the kids in 4H.

    1. 4-H is such a great's fun to watch her grow and learn so many new things! Thank you for your kind comment!!!

  2. very pretty ladies,
    good luck at the 4-H sewing competitions.


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