Saturday, November 26, 2011

Knobby Bud Snowflake...

I have been playing a little with an existing pattern the past couple of days and I thought I would share.  The pictures were taken this evening, so are of mediocre quality...but that's as good as it gets lately.  It's been a while since my last post, again, and I wanted to post something as I just don't seem to get time during the here you are!

This pattern is the Knobby Bud Medallion by Lisa Trumble.  It's to be tatted with two shuttles and I did that here in LizBeth size 20 "Snow White" (color 601) as the pattern reads.  It makes a pretty ornament by itself, small and delicate, quick to tat.

But, I got curious regarding wether it really had to be done with two shuttles.  It was obvious to me that the Josephine knots were tatted with the second shuttle, thrown off the chain, in the original pattern, but I wondered what would happen if you just tatted them with one shuttle...ball and thread style. 

This is the result.  Since you are no longer throwing the Josephine knot off the chain and then continueing on, but rather ending the chain and tatting a Josephine knot and starting another chain, the effect is a pointier bit to the curve.  Kind of nice actually, if that is what you are looking for stylistically...interesting to know.  Wasn't sure this would work out at all, so I lessened the number of picots on the chains as well...also changing the look somewhat.  I do like it, more star like I think.  I might try it again with five repeats and see if that will work.  If it does, I will tat it again in the "Americana" HDT thread I purchased from LadyShuttlemaker to go with my 4th of July star collection.

While thinking about the thrown off Josephine knots in the original pattern and some comments I have read out in tatland about some folks prefering pointier snowflakes rather than ones that looked like flowers...I thought why not try replacing the Josephine knot with a ring as those in the center and the two neighboring picots with Josephine knots.  Here is the result of that experiment...I really like it.  It makes a nice little snowflake.

This is a treasure of a little snowflake that is quick, simple, ever so pretty...will probably be tatting a number of these for little gifts to include with cards for Christmas this year.  It was very fun to play...will have to do more of that and see what else I come up with!

Here are all three versions together...

I think I will count these as motifs 13, 14 and 15 of my 25 motif challenge...and will have to try to get more of my tatting posted.  I so enjoy seeing what everyone else does out there in tatland, I need to share more of mine in return!!!


  1. Ooo- I love #3. Are you going to write up the pattern? (Nice to see you again.)

  2. This is an interesting evolution of a design!! So nice that you found some time to experiment, which is always fun to do, and a lovely reward at the end! The Josephine knots add some 'filler' to give the 'points' a triangular look in #3. Very clever and attractive!

    Snowflake #2 also has an interesting shape to it! Thanks for sharing these, and the photos look fine to me!

  3. I like that you not only shared your experiments, but you also explained what you did with each one... very nice! I love all the snowflakes I see, but the third one you tatted is especially appealing! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love that third snowflake with the extra ring thrown off the chains-- so much that I made 4 this afternoon to take to some ladies I visit monthly as Christmas gifts.

  5. Thank you all for your comments. I really appreciate them :-)

    Michelle ~ I wasn't sure that I changed it enough to make it mine to write up, just added a little to it and made something a little different. If you pull up the pattern by Lisa Trumble you can easily duplicate what I have done, the outward facing ring is the same stitch count as her inside rings and just replace the neighboring picots with the same 8JK she used.

    Kathy and Diane ~ thank you for your comments, I greatly appreciate your feedback!!! :-)

    Beelizabeth ~ thank you and I'm so glad you enjoyed this little snowflake enough to make 4 of them, I know I continue to be charmed by it :-)

  6. That last one is very pretty! I love the way you experimented with the pattern...
    Fox : )


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