Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What's in the basket...

Were you wondering what was in that basket...

This is something else I make a lot of for gifts for loved ones.  I really enjoy adding beautiful lace details to purchased sets of kitchen towels...it makes them so much more beautiful and fun to use...

This is a winter set that I have been working on for a while...I'm pretty sure my Sister will love this set!  These are two dish cloths, edged all around.

Here is everything I have done in this set, two each of the kitchen towels and the dish cloths as well as three sets of pot holders...one kind of tucked in behind in the photo above, from the set, that I did not embellish...

...and the other two from a "magic potholder" pattern.  I used this video from Crochet Geek to figure this out as the process struck me as odd at first and I needed to "see" it in order to be able to understand how to put one together.

One set is miniature, for my Nephew that loves to help cook in his little kitchen while his Mom cooks in hers...I love these potholders and have several sets in my own kitchen.  They are nice and thick, which I love...no burns!  The cotton is also a good fiber to use for things like this as it will not melt like some synthetic fibers can.

I did another set for her in summer colors like this one.  Most of that set is already at her home...this is one towel that I hadn't yet finished up.

The edging pattern is my own creation...I love the lacy look of it.  I use cotton yarn for these, usually Lily's Sugar and Cream yarn.  It washes well and stands up to a lot of use in the kitchen.  The next towel I do, I'll have to write up the pattern to share...

Well, my Rosie Posie wants me to read her a story and then I want to make some tea and tat for a while...hopefully I will have more to share later today!


  1. Oh my goodness is your sister blessed!!! I love that blue set!! Especially the snowmen!! :)
    You sure are talented with crafts! :)

  2. Now that's what I call a basket of treasures!

  3. Hallo Juli, oh so wonderful blue things, that makes hapyy! Come and visit my wonderful onramental appletree blossoms on my blog if ou like!


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