Friday, April 5, 2013

Matryoshka Doll Quilt...

Over the past year, I have been thinking and reading about quilting quite a is an art form that appeals greatly to my love of color and fabric and design.  At this point though, it seems about time to actually make one. 
Here, I have the pieces cut and the layout decided upon for my first venture into quilting since some rather unsatisfactory attempts back in high school.  Those resulted in a covering...but were not anything of which to take pride in.  I had absolutely no idea how to go about it at that point in time.  Since that time, I haven't attempted anything larger than a dolly blanket as it was fairly discouraging. This will be a crib size quilt, nothing too fancy, but enough to make it a valid first attempt... 
Hopefully, knowledge is power in quilting too, and this will go well...I certainly know a lot more about the process and methods than I once did.  Tomorrow, I hope to piece the top of the quilt. 
All stacked and ready to go in the morning...really, really, really hoping it's not like the old joke "been walking long or just reading about it?" just in this case it's "been quilting long or just reading about it?"...we'll soon find out...because outside of playing with a few small things, I HAVE just been reading about it! 

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