Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snow is still falling...

This is also by Sharon Briggs...her 2009 Merry Christmas Snowflake.  I had started this one last year...and it was tucked in the clear cover I keep over the pattern, shuttles and all.  Had to finish this pretty thing...

A very pretty little tat, I enjoyed this design.  This was finished on the 3rd of December.


  1. I love this snowflake design and remember how easy it was to tat! I also remembered it is Sharon Briggs' design, and your link correctly goes to her blog, so I know you'll want to edit the name. You're tatting a lot of lovely snowflakes, and I'm glad you didn't mean the real flakes in your title! Or did you? :-) I've seen enough snow for now in PA!

    1. Arghhh...yes, edited, thank you! What a silly thing to do! Thank you...and yes, it is so pretty and easy to tat!

  2. More like a snow flower...very pretty and good job.

  3. Lovely! This is one of my favourite patterns. : )


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