Sunday, January 1, 2012

Kira's Star and a SCMR Snowflake...

Here are two more snowflakes I have completed.  Both are tatted in LizBeth size 20 "Snow White" thread. 

This first one is Kira's Star designed by Birgit Phelps.  The pattern is available on her blog here.  I really enjoyed this pattern, it makes a lovely snowflake.  I do think one could probably make a five pointed star out of it with no changes to the stitch count, simply by deleting one repeat.  This one did have to be pressed a bit, it didn't lay quite flat on it's own.

This second snowflake is another by Sally Magill.  This is her SCMR Snowflake 1 available on the Ring of Tatters website.  This flake is really another version of her quick snowflake patterns shown in my last post. 

The SCMR Snowflake just utilizes a mock ring on each arm to extend the arm further and create a more pronounced point.  I like it, it was fun and quick to tat.  Self Closing Mock Rings (SCMR) can seem like they might be a difficult technique to master, but are really quite simple and certainly expand the design possibilities of a piece. 

This one did not need pressing, but I went ahead and starched it a bit...just because the arms are a little longer and I thought it might help it to stay put nicer while hanging.

These two snowflakes will count as numbers 20 and 21 of my 25 motif challenge...with more to come tomorrow.  I have been really enjoying tatting all of these little snow beauties...the variety of designs available for snowflakes is a real joy!


  1. I've really been enjoying seeing all of your lovely snowflakes! I think I need to buy some white thread and get started for next year! : )

  2. @ Diane - Thank you!!! I figure that it's still winter and I'm not ready for Valentines day yet, so snowflakes it is :-)

    @ God's Kid - Thank you!!!


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