Monday, January 2, 2012

Tatted flower hair clips..."pretties" for my little one!

No snowflakes tonight, I've come down with a head cold...but I thought I would share what I do with extra thread on my shuttles.  These are little tatted rosettes tied on a hair clip, it's fun to play with different combinations and come up with different little designs.  I could only find four of them tonight, though I'm on my second package of 24 clips so there has to be more of them around here somewhere!

The white one I did tonight...I have to tat something each day, but some days it's not much!  You can see the improvement I've made though, the blue/green/purple variagated clip on the right was one of the first ones I did last February or March when I first began tatting.  Twisted picots, messy looking stitches and all.  The blue variageted on the left was probably around May or so.  The middle two are the most recent two I've made. 

I use these little clips with 3 holes on the end and just tie the rosettes on with a good tight square knot.  You can tat a single rosette and attach just that or layer 2 together.  Sometimes I combine threads, tatting a rosette in each color, sometimes I tat two rosettes really depends on how much thread I have left on the shuttles.

Anyway, there you go...tatted flower hair clips...My little Rosie Posie loves them all, she likes her "pretties".


  1. Great idea! I think my granddaughters would love to have some tatted flower hair clips!

  2. I recently learned to tat, but not being a seamstress, I haven't known what to do with my little tatting pieces. The hair clips are a GREAT idea! Thank you for the inspiration!


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