Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Grandmother's Flutters to Share...

I was sifting through a box of special things and ran across a treasure that I thought I would share...

My Sister sent this card to me in 2000, after Grandma passed away.  The card has made me smile more than once through the years...and what is inside, well...

The card asks "How Are You Today?"

Each time I find this card and look inside, my day is brightened...

How could it not be?

I am not sure where the pattern comes from, though I think I have seen it somewhere...perhaps an old Workbasket?  I would love to know, as I would like to have that as well.  I know I could count the stitches and have a go, but I would like to tat it from the pattern as Grandma may have done. 

Hmmm...I should dampen the pink variegated one and tidy it's antennae and wings and things a bit.


  1. Oh, aren't they pretty? What a fun treasure to refind!h

  2. I found the Workbasket, May 1983. I scanned it and shared the doc with you so check your email.

    1. Thank you!!!...so excited to try the pattern later today...my little miss goes to VBS in an hour, then I will have a bit of time I think :-)


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