Monday, June 17, 2013

Red, White, and Blue Candles...

Here are some candle votives that I made with my Sister, her boys, and my girls this past week while they were visiting.  Their's have gone home with them, but here are the three that we three made...

They turn out lovely...and take nothing more than some tissue paper, a plain votive, and some Elmer's school glue.  I have been doing these for years with my girl scout troops and various other groups...we have done them for Fall, Valentines Day, made them into Pumpkins for Halloween...etc.  

You simply spread a side with Elmer's glue (one's finger works well for the purpose) and then adhere the squares of tissue paper to the candle.  When you have covered the exterior, let it dry.  Once dry, spread a nice layer of glue over the top (should look fairly white) and allow that to dry over night.  When it's dry, you have these pretty translucent candle holders.  

This is a nice project to do with children or adults.  The result is pretty much always nice.  The one in the back is mine, Older Daughter's is to the left, and Rosie Posie's  in the front...all lovely.  

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