Monday, June 17, 2013

Southwest embroideries...

I don't believe I ever showed these completed.  These went home with my Mother-in-Law weekend before last, but I quickly took a few photos before they left...I really love how these dish/tea towels came out.

Here are the three together, couldn't decide on the indoor or outdoor picture.  The color is better outdoors, but the shadows from the tree are not what I would like...

My favorite remains the roadrunner...

He's a clever little bird, quite emblematic of the Southwest and is my Mother-in-Law's favorite bird.  I really enjoyed stitching this, it was fun to "paint" him with the all the different thread colors.

This is not the end of the embroideries...I have finished a couple of other's and will try to show those as well.  


  1. If I ever find time for another hobby, I just might take up embroidery... great work! I especially like the roadrunner also.

    1. Thank you! Grandma taught me a few too many hobbies I am afraid, I cannot seem to put any of them down for long and always am switching between them. It is more a good thing than bad though :-)

  2. What fun! I love the roadrunner!

  3. Those are splendid! Will brighten up the kitchen.


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