Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Two more flakes...and thats all!

 Again, a long time between posts...but there is a bit of a story behind that.  These two flakes I gave to my sister in mid December.  I took a photo of them before we hung them with the others I have gifted to her, even loaded the pic here to post later...
These are a continuation of Diane's snowflakes, I think doodle #5 and the snow crystal.  There were other's, but I know not where they are, nor if I have any pictures...
So I will just tell a bit of the story...
I tatted these at a point where life was deceptively quiet, the kind of quiet before a storm...that peaceful lull when you know something is coming and even a little about what it holds...
and then...life got really busy.
We moved...
nearly 1500 miles to Vashon Island, Washington
from our previous home in Pueblo, Colorado.
We bought a business,
and a home.
Packing the whole entirety of our lives took 10 days,
we are still unpacking...
We have our own 12.2 acres of wooded paradise to explore,
The girls have new schools and new friends to make.
We have much to learn and more to do than we are capable of each day...
but we do what we can and get up the next day and do more.
Life is full and blessed and amazing...
...and I hope to fill my quiet moments again with the click click sound of my shuttles and the graceful movements of the hand and the peace and grace that tatting brings to my life.


  1. Wowie! That's quite a change! Wow! Congratulions!
    May the windows of your home catch the sun
    and its doors be open wide to friends and loved ones.
    May each room resound with laughter
    and may the walls shut out troubles
    and hold in warmth and cheer.
    May your home be filled with joy in the morning
    and sweet dreams at night.
    May it be a home where love has come to live.

    1. Thank you Michelle! What a lovely blessing to read and I now feel infinitely blessed by your posting it here for me! Thank you :-)

  2. Your snowflakes are wonderful!!! :)
    Hope the unpacking and learning goes smoothly!! :)

  3. Wow! You've been busy! I hope you'll let us know all about the changes in scenery and weather. I love reading about what it's like in different parts of the country. When I was in college, I really wanted to move to Seattle, but I didn't know any one out there, and I'm a bit of a chicken. I like familiar surroundings and friends. Good luck!

  4. I hope you are enjoying our beautiful Washington state. I live in Olympia and love this side of the state. Your tatting is lovely. Welcome Home!


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