Monday, December 5, 2011

Mary Konior's Large Cross...once more

This is the motif I completed Saturday, didn't get to tat at all on Sunday.  This little cross has been riding around as my on the go tatting piece for a month and a half...a ring here, a chain there.  I finally pulled it out and finished the second half at home...

It turned out quite lovely...I really like the solid yellow vintage size 70 (brand and color # unknown) running down the middle in the chains with the lavendar and yellow variagated J&P Coats size 70 thread on the adds a nice emphasis to Mary Konior's beautiful design.  

Here it is beside the original one that I did completely in the variagated thread.  This is the thread that Michelle gave me from her Aunt Rose-E, I love it...and still have some of that ball left. 

Too, my Dad recently sent me some of my Grandmother's thread stash {Insert happy thread dance here!} that he found over at the farm a few weeks ago.  It includes lots and lots of beautiful little gorgeous size 70 vintage thread, all perfect and lovely and tattable!  There are four more balls of this same colorway among the many lovely wonderful threads he sent.  Apparently, Grandma loved it too! 

The crosses will go to my parents, these were their wedding colors and they do so much for me I thought that these would be a nice thankyou.  Not so sure about sending them via USPS though...they recently lost a lovely box of books from my parents, and I'm feeling reluctant to entrust my hours of work in these crosses to them...very afraid of US Mail Fail!  Mom and Dad may have to wait until Christmas when I can transport them North myself!!!


  1. They look lovely. I think it was a very popular color. How big does the cross end up in the size 70?

  2. @'s a perfect 4 inches by 2.5 inches in the size 70. It's a really nice size for a Bible or similar book and looks so delicate in the small thread.

  3. Those crosses are absolutely gorgeous!! :)


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