Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mary Konior's Posy...

This motif is Mary Konior's Posy with beads...this has been done by several people recently, most notably by Michelle and Happy Bluebird.  I loved how they did the beads on the posy...and that is what I wanted to try.  I love how this came out...

It will make another lovely ornament...

The beads sparkle nicely and it's a nice pattern to work, very relaxing and easy to set down and pick back up. 

I was a bit intimidated by the number of rosette joins in this pattern, but it ended up being good practice.  Usually, I have to spend time thinking it through and maybe go check the explaination in Tatting with Visual Patterns again...or go watch a video. (this one on Heather's site, Tatted Treasures, is particularly good - a part of her absolute beginners tatting series).  I think this motif might have gotten that join through my head though. 

I also found it interesting how you draw the thread up the back to work the next repeat.  I hadn't run into that befor...and it's perfectly hidden from the front side.  Such an amazing pattern design...

I did have one completely Arrrgh moment while tatting this though...I ran out of thread with two rings to go and had to add in enough thread to finish!  At least that is not difficult, though rather frustrating so close to the end!  The shuttle looked nice and full when I started, just not full enough! 

At any rate, this motif will be #17 in my 25 motif challenge.  I'll probably tat it again...just a nice motif to tat, but Mary Konior's always are!


  1. Very nice! I agree Mary Konior's patterns are nice to do. Karen in OR

  2. Lovely! What kind shuttle do you use? I made the first motif and I started asecond one last night with the same bobbin!

  3. @Michelle - I typically use clover shuttles though I have others...and it wasn't completely full, I'd made Orsi's Minta off the same shuttle...just thought it would be enough, I seem to err in that direction lately!

  4. beautiful tatting. i saw the other posts + must pull out my book and look at the pattern. Quite impressive with the beads! job well done.

  5. How beautiful that looks in red!! :)


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