Saturday, December 3, 2011

Minta in Red...

Here is Orsi's Minta snowflake in Red, with Red beads...I am very pleased with it.  It sparkles nicely and seems so much in the spirit of the season in this bright Christmas Red, size 20, LizBeth thread...

Backlit like this it shows the positive and negative spaces off nicely.

You can see the sparkle a bit better with the side lighting here.  I kept the beads to just a few on the outside edge, I found that I didn't care to have too many...but a few for sparkle are certainly nice!

Red on brown is so pretty in this photo, and shows of the Christmas Red color nicely.

...and one more, just because I like the natural wood behind the motif!

I finished this late last night...and have finished tatting another motif today, but time to blog is hard to come by. My husband had surgery earlier this week, and we are in the midst of potty training the little Rosie Posie...she is doing fairly well, but it seems that all I do is help her on and off (or run to fetch something for my dear husband) all day long! Not really complaining though, it will be a blessing to have her out of diapers! Too, I do get to tat a bit while waiting for her to finish up business at times! 


  1. Looks great- I like your judicious use of beads! I hope your husband heals soon and well. Good luck with Rosie!


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