Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Paisley Swirls with Cream...

Here is something I did a little while back and never managed to share with all of you.  I loved this fabric from the moment I laid eyes on it, the colors are just beautiful and the design is so elegant...paisley fabrics are really lovely. 

The intricate paisley pattern with the cream background just called for a simple edging that highlighted the beauty of the fabric and let it just be what it is...

I chose to add a simple shell edging.  A foundation row of single crochet right on the fabric, piercing the fabric with the hook as I went.  The second row is three single crochet, skip one, four double crochet in the next stitch, skip one, three single crochet,etc.  The corner has eight double crochet.  This produces a nice simple edging that lays flat with no ruffling.  I think it was just the right accent to make this beautiful piece of fabric into a lovely throw...

It is so pretty, light for summer, and soft.  It is a favorite and I love having this one at hand.  That this is an easy care fleece just makes it even more's been washed several times and still looks like the day it came off the hook.  I love that!

These are an easy, quick, project...just an edging on a beautiful piece of fleece.  It makes a nice gift, with out the enormous commitment of time that an afghan brings.  It still has that touch of handmade...and can easily be tailored to the recipients tastes.  These are my throw of choice to make these days...though I know I will still be working up at least a couple of full fledged afghans, I have two beautiful, well loved, daughters who seem to require one each (having not made one for either since I stitched their baby afghans)! 

There is more to share, progress on the baby doll beds and bedding, tatting, a beautiful new shuttle, etc...but it is late, and I would like better photos than I can take tonight...until tomorrow then...


  1. That is a lovely throw! I'm very lazy, and I get hot very easily, so I'm not sure I'd ever be able to finish one. However, it might make a good winter project!

    1. I actually find that I am doing more crochet while it's husband likes it cool in the house and my legs are often COLD, so something warm in my lap is nice right now. Since these just require an edging, they are much more likely for me to finish than a full afghan...I get bored with the same fiber/colors for weeks on end!!! Probably why I have about 7 projects sitting around my chair!

  2. Gorgeous! I was so surprised to see that it's FLEECE! Makes me want to crochet...

    1. Thank you Michelle...these are fun little projects!!!


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