Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Rose for Rosie...

These are another way I have used the rose pattern I used on the baskets...made in smaller yarn, this makes a lovely hair clip...this one is Rosie Posie's, though I have made another for my older daughter as well...


  1. I love the rose hair clip! Is it an Irish rose pattern crocheted right on to the clip? I'll have to go pick some up and do some experimenting. I think my granddaughters would love them!

    1. I'm sure your granddaughters would love them, this is a quick project...maybe 20 minutes a rose. It's not an Irish Crochet rose, it's a strip that you crochet and then roll up and stitch together, then I just stitch it on the clip as you would a button. I want to try some more with some size 10 crochet thread to make a smaller rose as well, what I used here was lace weight is the link:

  2. very pretty, I like the shrug you posted about as well. you have pretty children and you make pretty things.

  3. Julie,liked it very much. Hugs Wal


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