Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Rose Shrug...

I showed you the start of this pretty shrug yesterday, and promised to share the result.  So, here are some photos of my older daughter modeling it. I found the pattern for this on the same blog, Crochet in Color, as the basket pattern I used for Mother's Day gifts.  The shrug pattern is another design of hers, titled "Spring Shrug" on her blog. 

 Really a simple pattern, took maybe 4 hours to work up...with some breaks.  It's just an easy V stitch...but it certainly makes a very pretty lacy looking fabric.  I used a stocking weight acrylic yarn that I had in my stash and the recommended hook size from the pattern.  The pattern says to use size 3 fashion cotton crochet thread, but I thought this would be a similar weight and the yarn I had on hand was a lovely rose color that I felt would be very pretty on my daughter.  I think it came out well, and more importantly, she likes it!

Not to be left out, little Rosie Posie had to have her picture taken here are the girls together.

Today, we went hiking and enjoyed the beautiful day, gorgeous views, the wildflowers, and the clean I didn't stitch a thing...but tomorrow I will have a couple of hours in the car.  I am hoping to fill that time with tatting...something just for my own pleasure this time!  Until later...

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  1. That is a lovely shrug, and your daughters are lovely also!


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