Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Cross, Just Like Grandma's...

I have said before that the reason I started tatting was to learn to tat crosses like my Grandmother's...I have tatted my first copy of one of her crosses.  Here is hers...

Cross tatted by my Grandmother,
Stella Schlegel
Size 30, Ecru and Pink
Grandma tatted this cross in several variations and it is a pattern I've seen in one form or another here and there in tatting blog land...fairly simple, I don't think anyone can really lay claim to it. 

This particular one was gifted to my older daughter after Grandma passed away...and it is hers to mark her place in her Bible for always, but she lent it to me to copy...

Copy of Grandma's Cross tatted by me...
I have done this in size 30 Clark's 3 cord crochet cotton, color 13 (the variegated blue) and white of the same brand.  The stitch count is simple, no written pattern needed I think, there are simply 4 DS between each picot, if you are interested in trying this one.  I will count this as number 5 in the 25 motif challenge.


  1. That is a really nice cross! :)

  2. Great job! It will be fun to carry on your Grandma's tradition of giving crosses to special people in your life. Especially with Easter coming up :)


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