Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mary Konior's Mark-My-Word Cross...

Cross bookmark's are what prompted me to try tatting again...my Grandmother used to make beautiful crosses and she gave them to all of the special people in her life. 

Our older daughter received one, but Grandma passed away befor our little Rosie Posie was born and I got to thinking that she wouldn't have a cross bookmark made for her...and that I needed to learn or none of our future loved ones would receive that cherished gift. 

It turns out that there was a very beautiful cross, made by my Grandmother, that was gifted to her by a very caring Aunt...but I still felt the need to learn and at this point have come to really love tatting. 

What began as a seeming necessity is now a great joy...I think Grandma would be pleased!!!  I think she would have liked this cross pattern too...

I saw this beautiful cross on a couple of tatting blogs (Crazy Mom Tat's and Sharren's Random Stiches) and had to try it.  This pattern is by Mary Konior and is called "Mark-My-Word."  The thread I used is from my "vintage" thread stash and is a very pretty dusty rose color labeled as Star Puritan in a bedspread weight which I believe equates to size 10.  I chose to add a spiral chain with a repeat of the little motif from the pattern instead of a tassle on this one.  This will be #2 for my 25 Motif Challenge.


  1. You are doing a good job! Hope to see more of your work soon. Your grandmom would have been proud of you!

  2. Welcome to the 25-Motif Challenge! I'm impressed that you've come so far in only a month! This is a sweet cross and you did a wonderful job. Your bookmarks are also very well done!

    It's always heartwarming to see a new tatter who is continuing the tradition from another family member, especially with the 'connection' you actually had with your Grandmother. Even though you couldn't quite get the flip at the time, you at least remained interested and were appreciative of her work. She would indeed be proud! I hope your daughters will also decide to continue the tradition!

  3. Wow - it looks like you are a fast learner. Only a month of tatting and you are doing a great job. A lovely bookmark with a lovely story - your grandma would be beaming with pride!

  4. Gorgeous!!! I love that cross! Such a beautiful color choice too! :)

  5. Your Grandmother is smiling down on you admiring your lovely tatting. Keep up the good work and great things will happen for you.

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments :-) I don't know that I am so much a fast learner as that I am determined and I have made the time to tat at least a small motif nearly everyday for the past 5 weeks. I've also been crocheting since I was 14 or 15 as well, some 20ish years now...so I know how to watch my stitches and make them even and to pay attention to the count. That helps a great deal I think.


Thank you for your comments...they are read and treasured!

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