Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Grandma's bookmark...

This is a bookmark that was tatted by my Grandmother.  It's a fairly simple pattern, but so pretty.  I am not sure if this is something Grandma came up with or if it's a pattern she found somewhere and copied.  I have her files (my wonderful Sister sent me her clippings and tatting books - I feel very honored to have those) and I didn't see this pattern anywhere in those nor have I seen anything like this elsewhere.  Grandma had a great creative mind, so it very well could be something she created.  If anyone knows differently, and where the pattern is from, please let me know.  Otherwise, I think it should be attributed to my Grandmother, Stella Schlegel.  I was able to copy it by counting stitches from this scan that my sister e-mailed to me of Grandma's work (I can share my stitch count diagram if anyone is interested and if you all think that would be acceptable):

I am editing this to add a link to the stitch count overlay and instructions I wrote out for this HERE

I like the effect that the simple increasing and subsequent decreasing of each ring and chain has.  It's fun to tat and relatively quick if I remember where I am at and don't have to stop and count again!

This was my first attempt at this bookmark, done a few weeks size 10 Royal "Ocean":

My second bookmark in this pattern I completed yesterday, in a size 30.  I've been a little intimidated by the smaller threads.  This is my first time tatting with a smaller size thread...and it wasn't so bad.  I'm not sure what I was so nervous about there now that I have done it.  I love how much more delicate this is...and if I'm ever to do crosses like Grandma's, they HAVE to be in this smaller thread or they just wouldn't be right!  Here are the two bookmark's together so you can see the difference...

At any rate, I am pleased with how this bookmark turned out:

I also tried a new technique, for me, in the tail...a lock stitch chain.  I like the effect of that as well...very pretty.  I like how it shows off the 2 tones in the variagated thread.  A little tricky to NOT flip after having learned so well TO flip those knots...but well worth it!  I'll count this bookmark as #3 in the 25 motif challenge. 

This variagated blue is from my "vintage" stash...a Clark's 3 cord mercerized crochet thread in size 30.  I think the labels on these are interesting, note the price of $0.45...I have a couple that must be even a bit older than that as the price says $0.35 on those!  I have to admit, I do kind of like my "vintage" thread...I like to think that my Grandma might have tatted with the same threads at some point...


  1. Please share the pattern for this bookmark with us. From the little research I have done, it is legal to count the stitches on a piece like this that belonged to your grandmother and share it as your own or give her the credit. If some one does come forward saying that they originally designed it, then it becomes a pattern "based on a design by...." As a matter of ethics and courtesy, it would not be appropriate to take a design that you know belongs to some one else and count the stitches and claim it as your own.

  2. I've added a link to the post for the google doc with the stitch count diagram and instruction I wrote out. I just wasn't sure if I should put it out there not knowing for sure...but Grandma's not here to ask anymore, so...if anyone lets me know differently I'll happily credit them! Thank you Beelizabeth :-)


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