Monday, March 21, 2011

One Month of Tatting...

Well, as of March 15th it's been one month since I picked up a shuttle and figured out how to do that little flip that makes tatting possible...when Grandma tried to show me all those years ago that never happened, I just couldn't get it and I was impatient and gave up far too soon.  I am so excited to have found that little bit of magic and have been tatting every available moment since...I am so enjoying this beautiful art form!

I have so much more I want to learn I am quite sure I will be tatting for years to come...but I think it's time for my sharing to have it's own venue rather than simply on my facebook here is my most recent endeavor for anyone who would like to see it...

This is Kersti Anear's "Stumpy" Bookmark Pattern
I did 4 of these beautiful little bookmarks and am counting this as #1 of my 25 motif challenge (

The turquoise and the variegated lavender threads are probably a size 10, though they feel slightly heavier than that, more like a modern size 5 thread, and are what I'm just going to call "vintage" crochet cottons I've been given over the years.  The variegated lavender is labeled J.&P. Coats Knit-Cro-Sheen, the turquoise has no label at all. 

The other's are Coats Royal Classic Crochet Thread (mercerized cotton) in Ocean and Burgundy, both size 10.  These are currently available threads

Someday, I hope to have some beautiful hand dyed thread (HDT) to share...but not yet, I am happy to have so many colors to work with and am pleased with that for present.

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