Monday, May 2, 2011

A Beautiful Handkerchief...

I received my very first givaway today...from Michelle Vitt here at Tela Magistrae.  It was very exciting to open the package and see what was inside...I knew there would be a hankie that had belonged to her Great Aunt Rose...but there were more little surprises too!  I'll show you in pictures...

Not just a Hankie...

The goodies tea, a chocolate, a pretty ball of coats size 70,
a hair clip (which really must have tatting attached at some near date to
grace my little girls curls), some little rings and finding type things...
...and the prettiest hankie with lavendar roses and blue forget-me-nots!
A lovely note...on a beautiful victorian style note this!!!
YES!  I will enjoy this Michelle :-)

So...what do you think?  A very pretty package to open, wasn't it!  I want to try Mary Konior's Asters edging pattern from Tatting With Visual Patterns for this handkerchief (yes, I bought that too last month when I couldn't seem to get any tatting done ~ I was still thinking tatting).

This hankie is such very very fine, very nearly transparent, fabric that I believe I must use a very small thread...size 70 or 80 I think...or perhaps I could get away with some size 30 in white...there are these pretty crisp white details on this hankie that you almost miss if you aren't looking closely...  (Are you clueing into the fact that I'm a little afraid to tat with the size 80 ~ even though I bought a bunch of the stuff)  at any rate...

The pretty coats thread doesn't quite match, though I love it...

...these are the DMC size 80 threads I have
(some of my new additions to my thread stash)
that I think might match...

Now, can you all help me choose a color to tat the edging for this lovely hankie with?  I'm somewhat leaning towards the pale lavendar in the middle, but am a little afraid it doesn't provide enough contrast.  The size 30 white really could work and be truely lovely.  At this point, I am completely undecided...really...I like them all and need some help deciding!!!


  1. I'm glad you like it. The coats isn't to go with the hanky but just another fun thing from Rose.

    Colors? The dark purple or the bright blue- according to the picture. I can't wait to see.

  2. Such fun goodies :) Congratulations on your win!

    I, too, am afraid to tat with size 80 - but I think you're right about it being perfect for the delicate hanky. (We really have to get over that fear!) I like the lavender in the middle or the bright blue. The lavender would not overpower the design, and the blue would really pull out that contrasting color.

  3. I'd go with the pale lavendar too. Either of the blues also. I think the other purples might overpower the flowers in the hanky. Maybe you could tat an inch or so of the desired colors and set them on the edge of the hanky and see what you think? It would also get you used to tatting with that size thread.

  4. I like the pale lavender... subtle and still coordinated. Don't think about the fact that you're using size 80, and you'll do just fine!

  5. Aha! There is the fourth hankie!
    I am looking forward to seeing what you do here! That is a nice selection of thread.
    Fox : )


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