Friday, May 27, 2011

My Roses are Blooming Again...

My roses are finally beginning to bloom again.  These bring a great deal of happiness to my life.  I simply love roses, in any form, but particularly living, growing roses. They involve quite a bit of work in the Spring, and this is where a good part of my free time has been spent in recent days...hence the lack of tatting and other artistic endeavors.  

Betty Prior

Everything that died back over the winter must be cut off, fertilizer must be applied, the weeding and mulching done, and watering must occur...for all 38 bushes, 35 varieties in total.  You might say they have become a bit of an obsession, quite like tatting can be...

Tuscan Sun
Jackson & Perkins

Despite the work involved (which is truely more pleasure than pain), it is the saddest day of the year for me when they freeze in the Fall, and the happiest when they begin to bloom again in the early Summer...I enjoy looking at them, smelling them, photograph them, and arranging them in vases to bring inside and to share with friends...

This Lovely Thing
Came up from the root stock
of another...but it might be a keeper...

Roses are quite simply, my favorite thing in the world...and I thought I would share a few with all of you...

Hybrid Tea

After all...many of you are friends, have recently become friends, or will become friends...and I like to share the beauty of these with my friends...

Moon Shadow
Hybrid Tea
Jackson & Perkins

Tomorrow, I have some tatting and embroidery to share with you...but today, I'll simply share my roses with you...

Hybrid Tea


  1. Are these pictures from this year already?

    They are so beautiful. We have a William Baffin which now has reached the second floor. When it blooms, we all go crazy.

    Your roses are gorgeous!

  2. Yes, these photos are this year...just from this afternoon actually. They have really taken off this week, though there is really just a bloom here and there thus far...nothing en masse yet :-) The buds are there...another week perhaps and they will be at their most glorious...

  3. That must be wonderful to have a rose garden. Where I am, the sun does such damage to those nice kinds of plants. So we've got stick to the cacti. Good thing they can be rather lovely as well. :)


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