Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pillowcases and Trim on Little Girl Dresses...

Here is the second purchase I made on my antiquing jaunt...

I love these...I don't think pillowcases could be prettier.  The embroidery is gorgeous...

Angel Face

Reminds me of these roses!  Love the colors and the style...and the simple tatted edging on that beautifully curved edge...

...Well, the pictures speak for themselves.  These are just perfect.  The tatting is not overdone, but adds a beautiful detail.  The curved edge is simply lovely.  The embroidery gorgeous. 

I bought these both because I love this set and because I want very much to make some like this someday soon.  These are exactly the kind of thing I want for my home, for gifts, and just to make...because they are beautiful and fun and classic and they make my heart sing.

I love simple edgings, and that is exactly what this sweet...but a little bit too plain dress needs...

I'm using a size 10 ecru for this edging to do a simple ring and chain pattern.  It's nothing complicated or fancy...but it's exactly right for this dress. 

It needs the heavier weight of the larger thread to stand up to the floral pattern of the fabric.  I've finished the length of edging for the bodice, but am going to do a lenth to go around the skirt just above the ruffle.  I think the tatting will help the pretty details of this dress to stand out more.  The little ruffles just blend in at present. 

At any rate, I need to attach the finished piece today, I'm going to try attaching the picots on both sides of the edging and see if it stands up to washing better...we'll see.  Things for two year olds simply have to be washed.  They are beautiful, but messy, little creatures.  I'll be excited to finish this one so my little Rosie Posie can wear this.  It will be a fun addition to her summer wardrobe.


  1. What a beautiful addition to that dress! It really adds to it!!! Bet the little one will look just beautiful in it! :)

  2. I've thought of trimming pillow cases with tatting, but I haven't really pursued the idea. Now you're giving me inspiration!

    I love little girls dresses trimmed with lace, and I think tatted lace is the perfect touch.

  3. I adore freshly ironed pillowslips trimmed in lace. These are beautiful. I have some buttery yellow sheets that I planned to tat lace for in the winter...but I guess it might be next winter now. I use flannel sheets in the winter so it would be a perfect time to tat for the percale ones. Sweet trim on the dress too!


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