Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Pretty Cross using Clover motifs...

Here is another cross that my Grandmother enjoyed tatting...it is primarily repeated clover motifs and chains.  It has always looked like flowers with little butterflies flying at the corners to me. 

She did this cross in a number of different stitch counts.  If she had a pattern, it is not in what I have from her.  If anyone out there knows where the pattern came from, please let me know and I'll edit this to include that. This is one she did frequently and probably could have tatted in her sleep.  She may have simply adapted this from a clover edging. 

I have three examples of her work to replicate this pattern from...the first two are scans of ones that my Sister has, the third is the one she gifted to me when I got married.

The stitch count on this one is 5ds between
 each picot on the chains and 4ds between
each picot on the rings...
This one has 6ds between each picot on the
chains and 5ds between each picot on
the rings...

This cross was tatted by and given to me
on the occassion of my wedding
by my Grandmother Stella...
It has 3ds between picots throughout.

I have done the cross with a count of 4 DS between each picot.  The ones done by Grandma have a count between 3 and 6 DS between each picot.   It seems to be a very forgiving sort of a pattern.  I do think that when I tat this again I will try her version with 6ds between each picot on the chains and 5ds between each on the rings.  I think I like the spacing a little bit better on that one.  The thread I used is a size 20 Lizbeth in Mountain Breeze.  This will be motif #7 for me in the 25 motif challenge.

This is the one I tatted...
The white cross given to me by my Grandmother
with the one I tatted of the same pattern...


  1. Great, easy little cross. Your tatting looks wonderful! I think you have such treasures in your Grandmother's tatted pieces.


Thank you for your comments...they are read and treasured!

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