Saturday, August 25, 2012

2012 Colorado State Fair Entries...

Here are the entries this year in the Colorado State Fair...some gorgeous work displayed there, I spent many happy minutes enjoying the display and looking at these works as closely as possible with glass between them and I...

Lets begin with a copy of the Lace Division so you can see the categories (only two for tatting, but one might manage to sneak some in a couple of the others) and then I'll show you the tatting entries...



A piece must be presented for judging in such a way that any mounting, if used, will allow all aspects and surfaces of the lace,
including the front, back and edges to be closely examined.
Premiums: Classes 290 - 301  1st - 15.00 2nd - 10.00 3rd - 5.00 4th - R


290. Torchon lace
291. Bobbin lace, continuous
292. Bobbin lace, non-continuous
293. Carrickmacross
294. Mixed Media,at least 51% of piece must be lace.
295. Needle lace
296. Sol/Teneriffe
297. Wire lace
298. Tatting, Thread size 80 and smaller
299. Tatting, Thread size 60 and larger
300. Other laces: Hair, Knitted, Crocheted, etc.
301. Mixed lace: Any combination of the above

NAO OPEN BEST OF SHOW: Rosette by Colorado State Fair
NAY YOUTH (14--18) BEST OF SHOW: Rosette by Colorado State Fair
NAJ JUNIOR (13&Under) BEST OF SHOW: Rosette by Colorado State Fair
NASR6 SENIOR BEST OF SHOW: Rosette by Colorado State Fair
NASR8 SENIOR BEST OF SHOW: Rosette by Colorado State Fair
NASR9 SENIOR BEST OF SHOW: Rosette by Colorado State Fair

Rocky Mountain Lace Guild of Denver offers the DOROTHY NAMES prize, a Special Lace Trimmed Rosette, to the best exhibit chosen from Division 10914 NAO OPEN Lace


...and now, onto the good stuff...
First up, a tatted mask by an R.J. Scott...

Then we have an intrigueing square motif by Don Swearingen, whom I recognize as an entrant last year as well...

The 1st two entries above also listed Pueblo county as their county of residence on their entries...which I am intrigued by as that is my county...other tatters!!!  Nearby tatters!!!  How does one make contact or find them I wonder...
...moving on...
The next entry is by Linda Williams with a tatted snowflake motif mounted on a greeting card...she was also an entrant last year...

Linda Williams also entered this remarkable doily...done in very small thread.  This was my favorite piece and is quite stunning...

...and finally, a tatted necklace done by one Trudy Scholten...and it won the Dorothy Names award this year as well...very exciting! (Last year the tatting was beat out by an exquisite knit lace shawl)

There you have it, with the entry in the Heritage category, there were double the number of Tatting entries this year!  I think next year I need to plan better so that I can get some entries in and up the numbers some more, I would encourage any other Colorado tatters to enter some of their own work as well next year...and soon the headlines will read "Tatting is making a comeback at the Colorado State Fair!"


  1. That doily is astounding! Wow!

    I wonder if you could leave your contact info for the people from Pueblo county with the fair officials? No harm in trying I suppose....

    1. I was simply in awe of that really is astounding :-) I might have to try leaving my contact information, wouldn't hurt to try...

  2. You are posting so fast, it's difficult to keep up! The pumpkin mask display is a VERY clever idea! And that doily is outstanding. SO much work in that! The necklace is very appealing and eye-catching, which goes to show how a 'simple' tatting pattern can be the basis of an exquisite necklace! Some very talented tatters in Colorado, and I'm glad the State Fair has a separate tatting category!


Thank you for your comments...they are read and treasured!

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