Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ruffled Edge Tatted Doily...

This is another doily tatted by my Grandmother that I photographed while over at the farm during this recent trip to Montana.  I love the fabulous ruffled edge on this's just gorgeous!

Here are two photos of the edge that I hope will help anyone who wants to create a doily with a ruffle like this to determine how this is effected...


I have another of Grandma's tatted necklace scheduled to post this evening, but I was going through blog posts on my reader and noticed that Allison was possibly looking for a pattern for a tatted doily with a ruffled edge in this post, or so I gathered from the comments.  So...thought I would post the photos I took of this one in the hopes that it might assist her in creating the pitcher cover she was interested in...and just because I am overly eager to share more of Grandma's beautiful work too!


  1. Another spectacular piece of tatting! Her shuttle must really have been flying! So much work in this, but what a fabulous doily and cherished heirloom! Did she keep any notes of dates, patterns or threads?

    1. She could have told you what thread, where she bought it, pattern, or what she did to create it, etc...but no, there is nothing in writing in terms of dates, patterns, threads. She was lightning fast with her shuttle...I don't think there are many as fast as she was, but then she tatted for probably 60 years. I know she used the slip and slide method and that is how I do it based on memories of how she tatted and her attempts to teach me to tat, I never knew there was another way to do it until I started reading tatting blogs.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog and for sharing! I'm so excited to try your pattern! Your Grandma's doily is so pretty! I'm always excited to find lace treasures from my family members! Thanks again!


Thank you for your comments...they are read and treasured!

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