Monday, August 20, 2012

Squared up...and lovely!

Here is another of my Grandmother's pieces...this lovely rectangular doily is somewhat unusual.  I really love the simplicity of the design and think it is stunning...

Reminds me of the giant granny square afghan pattern that I love so much in a way...the double rings at the corners serving as the increase for each round...much more beautiful in tatting though...

Here is a closer view of the corner so that you can see how the rectangular design was achieved...

I have so much to share with all of you, both many many photos of my Grandmother's work and finishes of my own...I had truelly hoped to post more, but we were away from home for 3 weeks and ended up either not having internet access at various locations or being too busy to post when I did have access.  I have tried to post from my phone, but it downsizes the photos to such a degree that you can see no detail in the tatting at all...and that's just not acceptable as one wants to be able to see the stitches to fully admire a piece of tatting!  At any rate, I have more to share over the next few days!!!


  1. That is lovely, and it does look like a granny square. Lucky you, to have beautiful tatting from your grandmother. I hope my grandchildren truly enjoy my tatting some day!

    1. I am sure they will enjoy your beautiful work Diane! I have been admiring they things you created for your granddaughters Birthdays...they will treasure those things :-) I am lucky, as is my entire family, to have such things from her hands!!!


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