Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pretty in Pink...

I have a treasure to share with you today, a doily tatted by my Grandmother Stella.  This also happens to be my favorite of all of the doily's that I have seen tatted by my Grandmother. 

I absolutely love the soft pink.  I have thought this the prettiest of lace pieces since I was a little girl...I was just in complete awe of the beauty of this lusterous thread and the soft rose pink of this doily...

 Now, the thread is some type of rayon or synthetic thread. I remember my Mother telling me that Grandma said she would never tat anything with that thread again...but it certainly made a lovely doily...

I hope to have more treasures to share.  I am in Montana, visiting my has been a busy time thus far.  Tomorrow, we travel over to the farm where my Grandmother lived her celebrate my Grandfather's memorial service and to lay both of my Grandparents ashes to rest together in the cemetery there.  Grandpa passed away in November, but the memorial service was put off to accomodate family coming from the far reaches of the states.  It is to be a celebration of their lives...and a gathering of family.

I have been crocheting and tatting here and there, finished an afghan on Saturday that I will try to photograph and share before it goes to my nephew.  I have another crochet project underway, and about 4 tatting projects that just need the last repeat or so and ends hidden...I am also going to try to take photos of any of Grandma's tatting that I can while up here to share as I know that many of you will enjoy seeing her work.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time with family, even if the reason for the get together isn't so pleasant.
    what a beautiful doily. Your grandmother did very nice work.
    I suspect rayon thread. My grandmother used some in mint green, and I remember her telling me she would never use that kind of thread again even if it did look nice. I inherited the remaining amount of thread along with the rest of her stash. I have tried tatting with it, and I agree with her, it is not easy to use.

  2. What an amazing piece,wow! Rayon thread? Wow, it's even more amazing! I wonder how long it took her? There isn't/'t a loose end or mistake anywhere!
    How lovely that yu can all be there for this memorial service!

  3. That is a beautiful piece of work!!! :)

  4. She certainly persevered, since she did not like tatting with the thread! What a magniicent doily and a family treasure! This is a marvelous 'family' story! We look forward to hearing about your trip and seeing more of your Grandmother's work! And somehow you've found time to crochet an afghan? You're a busy gal!


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