Friday, July 19, 2013

Antique lace...

We made a stop on the trip over to the Seattle area at a favorite antique store along the way. This was the only piece of tatting I found, but it is unusual and interesting and only $4...and it came away with me. 

I think it very interesting how the medallions are inset in the linen.  The effect is quite lovely...and would be an interesting way to use a small motif to make a larger piece.


  1. That is a beautiful linen. I'll bet those inner medallions were hard to attach, but the effect is beautiful. I rarely find tatting when I shop.

  2. This is a real treasure - quite unusual, and was very skillfully done! So glad you rescued it and will give it a happy home! Great photos!

  3. Wow, nice find. What an unusual piece - and only $4! I rarely find any tatting in antique stores, so it's fun to see pieces like this.

  4. Good find, and interesting idea.


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