Friday, July 5, 2013

Wedding Anniversary...and a treasured heirloom.

Today was our wedding anniversary...

It seems the perfect day to share this particular tatted treasure...

My beloved married me, wearing a dress I made myself, a cameo that was my Great Grandmother's on a tatted ribbon, and a bridal crown of tatted lace...

Here it is today...a bit yellowed, likely in need of a careful bath, but much treasured.

The tatting was done by my, also beloved, Grandmother Stella...seen here, at my wedding, with my Grandfather... I said, this one could be shared on no other day!


  1. Oh wow! Happy anniversary! Gorgeous bride! Gorgeous dress! Amazing headpiece! Wonderful Grandma! Do you have a bigger picture of the cameo too? Congratulations and many more!

  2. Happy anniversary!! :) What a fabulous memory!!! :)

  3. Happy Anniversary! What a gorgeous bride! Love the headpiece and the tatted ribbon.

  4. Gorgeous, and what a treasure to be handed down. Congratulations.

  5. Happy Anniversary! Right you are - that could not have been shared any other day :) How very, very special to have that wonderful memory, and the photos and pieces to go with it.

  6. What beautiful wedding pictures. And that tatted crown is absolutely gorgeous. Happy anniversary.

  7. Congratulations on your anniversary. Absolutely the right day to show us the beautiful crown!


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