Saturday, July 6, 2013

Thread Stash...

One of the things that I have been most interested, and amused by (entirely due to my own propensities), is sightings of other's thread accumulations...hence, this post.  

It really came about because I used one of the thread boxes you see below to photograph the wedding crown I shared in yesterdays post and that prompted me to photograph the contents for your amusement and enjoyment.


I have the two stacks of boxes you see above, filled with my collection of size 70 vintage threads.  Many of these are from my Grandmother's stash...but some are from e-bay.  I was looking for threads there before my Dad discovered Grandma's stash and sent me a large box of it, much to my delight.  There is and there, mostly portioned out to one project or another.

There is also this little set of drawers...

This was my favorite place for my threads of the moment for quite some time.  I love the drawers that hold my supplies and threads so nicely.  Some size 20 in one drawer, and some of the size 70 that I love in another.  It is not entirely portable, while I still use it, it is not my most favorite any longer.

...and then there are these, the remainder of Grandma's pinks that would not fit in the box, and a box of vintage J.&P. Coats ecru thread that I can no longer remember where I obtained...  

I don't believe it was Grandma's.  I seem to remember that I happened upon it somewhere or that it was given to me by someone who thought I could make use of it.  There are some tatted bits that came with it...but I will continue with that tomorrow.


  1. There's something very comforting about a thread stash, especially when it can be stored so beautifully!

  2. My thread stash looks very feeble by comparison!

    1. Most likely much more selective than is mine! Much of it is inherited too...which helps the quantity factor considerable. Too, I do like vintage threads a great deal.


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