Sunday, July 21, 2013

White as snow...

This beautiful doily was also tatted by my it not gorgeous!?!  I love how the six sided snowflakes fit together to create this beautiful piece.  It's really spectacular...and as white as snow, even after all these years...

Hoping that I will have more to share with you soon, however, I am traveling with my daughters and parents for the next several weeks.  We are out on Vashon Island in Washington state again.  Internet access is not readily available where we are at on the Island, so it may be sporadic or phone is quiet there though, so I often get a lot of time for my own tatting...


  1. Your grandmother does it again! Wow!

    Have a wonderful trip!

  2. I'm glad your grandmother's spectacular work went to someone who appreciates it!

  3. That is a beautiful doily! I love how they all come together! Very inspiring!


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