Friday, July 19, 2013

Tatting for baby...

This is something my Grandmother made for my big girl when she was to be born...

It's just gorgeous, I wish now that I had used it and had pictures of her wearing it...but I saved it as it seemed too precious.  I should have pressed it before taking photos...but I wanted to share and lacked the time, better wrinkly than not at all.  The edging is lovely...I think I need to try to replicate it...


  1. You're one of the few tatters out here in blog land who have such a wonderful legacy! And to have actually known her is also unusual. She was one of the tatters keeping the art alive, and in a big way! She could have written a book! This is a sweet edging which could easily be replicated. It's perfect for a curved piece.

    1. Thank you for that :-) She was very very good at her chosen art...and I feel very privileged to be her Grand daughter and to have known and loved her! I agree...this edging forms very well to a curve, it would be lovely on any number of things!

  2. It is beautiful! How lucky for you that you have such a treasure!

  3. It would be a good adornment for special occasions. Perhaps another baby will wear it one day.


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