Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Autumn Splendour...

A few photos from this weekend, just for your enjoyment...

The color was gorgeous, just at the beginning of the good color, it should be at it's peak this next weekend.  The girlscouts, my co-leaders, and I stayed in a forest service cabin across the road from Lake Isabel...a beautiful place to spend two days!  Fun was had by all...
This is a view of Lake Isabel I took the last morning we were there.
I returned home Sunday, spent the afternoon unloading and putting away the truckful of gear that I took with me.  Monday was simply a day of rest, it seems that no matter how relaxing of a time we have as a troop I am always exhausted when we return.  I think it has something to do with a decided lack of sleep! 
Yesterday I spent working at learning to diagram patterns and then on the pattern for the earrings I created last week.  Hopefully I will have that ready to share with all of you later today.


  1. Wow is that gorgeous!!! We have nothing quite so beautiful here in Michigan. I am glad you shared that!!! :)

  2. very pretty scenery by the Maker.
    just getting out of your routine and then back in can take a lot of energy.

    looking forward to your earring pattern.


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