Friday, September 14, 2012

Lace Mat Progress and Fall Tatting...

I finished up the second round on the Norma Benporath Lace Mat Tat-Along today and sewed in the ends.  I have not pressed/blocked this round yet, but I don't think it needs it as badly as the first round did.  I'll probably wait until after the next round...those longer chains will likely need it. 

My Husband is off picking up the big girl from I'll likely not get any more done on this today and it is now the weekend, so we shall see...might be slow going on this one until Monday. 

I did also manage to finish up this little fall leaf...this is Tammy Rodgers Maple Leaf pattern available here, tatted in size 20 LizBeth in Falling Leaves. (6/25 motif challenge)

Today is my Husband's Birthday as well...and he is off from work today and we will likely go hiking/picnicking/otherwise up in the mountains to play.  That usually means very little time for tatting, unless it's on the drive.  Oftentimes though, it is so pretty that I end up looking out the windows rather than tatting...and the aspen's should be beginning to turn...


  1. I'm amazed you have any time to tat at all!
    The doily is looking great, and the leaf is perfect! Enjoy your hubby's special weekend! I love going for drives like that!

    1. I am making time here recently...I seem to go in spurts, this week it's my retreat from the general busyness of life.

  2. Your doily is fabulous in those colors!!! :)
    And your leaf is awesome too!!! :)

    1. They are fun colors, not what I would pick if I were tatting it for myself...but my daughter loves hot pink and tangerine colors, so this is perfect for her and she has been wanting me to tat something special just for her. The little one gets more tatting as I can decorate her cloths with it :-)

      As to the leaf...I love fall, I would tat myself a tree full of leaves left to my own devises...maybe someday I'll get that done!


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