Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Table Linens with Tatted Insertions...

Here is a lovely set of table linens that Grandma made with beautifully tatted insertions...Each insertion appears to be a rose motif with a leaf motif extending out from it...just beautiful!


Six napkins & placemats, plus a table runner...just a gorgeous set.  I love how the pulled thread work and the carefully bound insertion edgings of these linens compliments the insertions themselves.  The attention to detail in the small things is what makes her work so beautiful. 


  1. These are truly a treasure! I have many patterns and photos of various insertions, but I've never tried it. (Honestly, it sort of intimidates me!) I can't imagine how long this probably took your grandmother - you are so lucky to have them :)

    1. My extended family has these, not myself personally, these are at the farm house...where they are treasured! I have a few of her doily's and things she made for me over the years and love them all. This kind of thing sort of intimidates me looks like a ton of work and very time consuming though the result is lovely and suprisingly modern.

  2. Beautiful work. I like the idea of the insertion, though as Cindy says, it's a bit daunting!

  3. I've never fully comprehended how this kind of pulled threadwork is done, and I would never attempt it! Your grandmother's needlework skills and the tatting inserts are PERFECTLY executed. What an elegant dinner service! It seems like there are more than six napkins and placemats! This just blows my mind!


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