Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Go To" Patterns...

I found this post on Sharon's Tatted Lace interesting recently as she was asking what people like in different patterns and what makes something a "Go To" pattern for them.  It varies quite considerably from person to person.  I, personally, enjoy tatting for relaxation...I like to have an end result and enjoy the calming effect of making the stitches.  I have three patterns that I tat all the time...

The first of these is Mary Konior's Large Cross pattern...

This is one that I finished up last week, but just got the ends sewn in on yesterday afternoon.  It is done in a vintage blue variegated coats size 70 thread. (2/25 motif challenge)
I tried something a bit different here.  Sometime ago, I saw this post on Tat-ology and noticed that Fox had interpreted the pattern diagram slightly differently than I had.  She used 15 ds (double stitches) in each center ring of the clovers where I use 10...I believe one could interpret the pattern either way and remember puzzling over which way to go the first time I tatted the pattern.  Having seen it, I had to try the blue variagated cross has 15 ds while the purple version has 10 ds.  I like it both ways and will likely do one or the other as whim strikes.
I typically have one of these going at all fits in a little case in my purse and is perfect for pulling out when I have an odd moment.  Sometimes, one is finished in mere days and at other times it may languish in there for months.

The next pattern is related to the one above as the stitch counts and pattern arrangement are the same, but this only uses a part of the whole...this is Kirsti Anear's Stumpy pattern...

This one I finished sewing in the ends on yesterday.  It is done in size 10 Cabelia...delicious stuff to tat with is that beautiful thread made in France!!!  The pretty ribbon was on an equally pretty package of thread I received from Jess! this spring when I won a little contest she perfectly matched the thread and so went right on. (3/25 motif challenge)

This, on the other hand is tatted in size 5 pearl cotton...floppy horrid stuff to tat with and I have relegated it back to my embroidery supply box where it will remain.  Had to try it though. (4/25 motif challenge)

Here are the two for comparison sake.  Really, this pattern looks amazing in what ever size thread what ever color and it is quick, fun, and relaxing to tat.  This pattern takes me maybe 45 minutes to an hour to work.
I also like to take the large rings from this pattern, two sets of the clovers at the ends, adjust slightly and add beads and ear wires to make a quick and beautiful set of earrings for a gift as I did here.

This is my final "go to" pattern.  This cross makes a lovely little gift to tuck in a card...and is a quick tat for me, an hour if things go well...maybe two if the little one interrupts and has needs and wants throughout.  This is another Mary Konior cross pattern...this one is called Mark My Words.  It also looks lovely in anything from size 70 on up through size 10 and in any color you can dream up.  This was tatted yesterday and is done in a lovely vintage dusty plum colored clark's thread in size 30.  (5/25 motif challenge) The price is marked on the ball at .35 cents...would that thread was still that price!
There you have it, these three patterns are the ones I tat continually...they are just my personal happy tats, and each person has their own...makes things more fun that way! 
I have counted each of these in my version of the 25 motif challenge as I am up to 5 now...we'll see what else can be added in the next few days!


  1. All of your crosses and stumpies are wonderful!!! :)

    1. Thank You! I have fun tatting all of these patterns :-)


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