Thursday, September 20, 2012

Maria Cross & Papillon...

Here is the finished the Maria Cross...

I actually decided what to do right after Ladytats made the first comment, saying "If I didn't really need the 2 tails~the cross would be inside between the pages and the tail would show me where~ I would not worry about it and take it out back to the single tail."  That was exactly the right answer...but I was still wondering what other's would have to say and so I waited.
In the end, this is in a devotional and does not need two tails.  I was only trying it that way as that is what was shown in the pattern.  It really was supliferous as this will rest inside the pages of a daily devotional, not a Bible or a prayer book where having more than one might be beneficial...and so this cross is finished and will be counted as number 7/25 in the 25 motif challenge.
Now, on to other small things...namely Papillon, Frivole's new butterfly pattern...

Isn't it tiny and exquisitely beautiful next to the cross!
Here it is on it's own...

I am very proud of this tiny little piece of tatting...
Not because it's perfect (it's not), but because I tatted it at all...

I bought the pattern the day Frivole came out with it...but then I didn't tat it...
Well, there was a split little tiny, teensy, itty bitty split ring...
and I had never done one.
I've hidden all manner of unnecessary ends to avoid the little buggers...
but this one,'s necessary...
That tiny head is vital to the beauty of this elegantly designed little flutter...
So there you go, my first ever split ring, and it wasn't so bad at all...I think it even came out rather well...
...unlike my lock chain which is a bit of a mess and not really a lock chain at all as in my anxiety over the coming split ring I made it with a full stitch flipped and then a full stitch (both sides) unflipped instead of 1/2 flipped and the second 1/2 unflipped as I believe I should have done.  The thread is some vintage J.P. Coat's size 30 that was on the shuttles from this and the previous cross I posted.
The butterfly is lovely, and I am thrilled with the's just an exquisite little butterfly.  But then, coming from Frivole, I knew it would be exquisite, perfectly explained, and just as beautifully elegant as tatting can be, just as all of her patterns are. (8/25 motif challenge)


  1. Oh, congratulations on the split ring. Yeah for you. So much will open up for you now that you have conquered the split ring.

    Your bookmark is perfect exactly as it is.

    I like your little butterfly. very pretty colors.

    1. Thank you!!! I'm not sure why I let the split ring intimidate me, I've been doing mock rings since about my 2nd month of tatting and I think they are more difficult than this now that I have tried it.

  2. That was the perfect solution to your cross bookmark issue.

    I'm glad you got the split ring down, it really isn't hard to do, is it?

    1. No, not that hard...more of a mental block thing :-) Thank you!

  3. Congratulations! My first split ring in a pattern was also with one of Frivole's designs! I'm not intimidated by them, I just have a hard time holding my hand in position long enough to complete one. I understand your feeling of pride... I felt the same way!

    1. I think I would have trouble holding my hand that way for very many of them as I have issues with my wrists at times, but one here and there I think is maybe doable :-) Thank you for your comments!!!

  4. Congratulations! It's a percet split ring! Lovely, lovely! I concur about Frivole's patterns, very beautiful, clear easy to understand(especially if you actually read it) and the result is always great!

    1. Thank you! I love Frivole's work, her things are always perfection...mine are a poor imitation, but I still enjoy attempting her beautiful designs :-)

  5. Really great cross and beautiful butterfly!! :)


Thank you for your comments...they are read and treasured!

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