Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Beads and Tea Today...

A little beading today, and a little drinking of tea...
This lemon ginger tea is lovely.

I'm afraid I am just plain tired today and poking beads on a wire is about my speed today...this is an idea I had seen somewhere or another and had to try.  Used memory wire and some beads from my stash...they are pretty and it was nice to play.

Here is the finished bracelet...I like it...

I think I should like a matching set of earrings and some kind of necklace...we'll have to see what I come up with.  Now, I think it is starting to rain and I need to cover the sand box and bring in our pups before they are wet.  We need the rain, but oh how I miss the sun when the clouds are present...must be why I picked that sunny bowl of oranges for a back drop to the last photo!


  1. The bracelet turned out great! It's good way to use a lot of beads and to get quick results! I liked using the memory wire on a bracelet I made with much larger beads, but I'm curious how you finished off the ends. That can be a little tricky!

    1. I finished off the ends just by using my round nosed pliers and turning a small circle, like you would to from an eye pin. It is neat and attractive enough, with the memory wire bracelet being wrap style I didn't want anything to particularly stand out on the end. I created another eye pin and used it to make a small charm with one of the brass & copper colored leaves to hang from one end too...I am undecided if I like it or not, I will decide after I wear it a time or two...but I may take that off as I am finding it slightly pesky tonight as I type.

  2. Your bracelet looks wonderful! I haven't worked with memory wire for a while. When I did, I never thought of making a coiled bracelet, because I thought the coil was too tight to fit around my wrist. So, I stuck to making children's bracelets. I may have to give memory wire another chance! ;-)


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