Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Small Cross Waiting...

Not a lot of tatting happening these past two days, just a ring here and a chain there...but, I have nearly completed this 'small cross" design by Mary Konior. 

There is a missed join that had happened back whenever I initially started this, perhaps that is why I laid it down...but I elected to keep going when I noticed and simply made that the top arm, in order that it should look more intentional.  

Now, I just need to tie and sew in the ends and add a tail...oh and block it a bit.  Waiting for morning when I am less tired and less likely to skewer myself with the needle!

I'm afraid I've spend more time on this of late...

My pretty Rosie Posie received a new book from Grandma and was eager to try it out!  We have had fun playing with our craft supplies and creating princess accessories...sometimes these things are, indeed, necessary you know!

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  1. Your cross looks nice!! :)
    And every princess needs a fabulous star wand!! :)


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