Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Look at "The Table"...

I promised you all a look at what's on the table to my right...usually it's piled up a little more and there is a mug of tea too, but I was trying to spread out the tatting bits a little so you could see...

In the center is a shot of the entire mess...

Then, I thought you might like to see the individual different stages of completion...

Starting at the top left and going clockwise:

1. Babylace edging by Mary Konior (This One)
2. Monica cross by Lene Bjorn
3.  Hankie edging copied from one beautifully done by Frivole last year
4.  Mark-My-Words cross by Konior (The one at the bottom of this post)
5.  Small cross by Konior
6.  Another set of flower hair clips
7.  A hankie being contemplated, but not started.  Thinking Frivole's beautiful tree edging.
8.  Cross by Konior...was done but I broke a thread while sewing in the ends...and I need to fix it, but I'm still grumpy every time I look at it!

What do you think?  I feel like I need an intervention or something here, some are recent starts and others are a year old or more.  It's just out of hand really...I'm afraid I get side tracked by the next pretty pattern I see and don't finish things.  I have no shuttles (that I will tat with ~ there are a number of Grandma's that I don't actually want to use and a few others that I otherwise don't find comfortable to work with) presently that aren't attached to something in some state of completion.  

So...I am thinking I should challenge myself to complete at least one of these a day for the next week.  May not be able to get both hankie's finished, but I could sub another smaller project (this does not exhaust the in progress stuff in any way) and finish one hankie...

If that goes well...maybe a new challenge in a week, Yikes!

Thoughts?  Am I crazy? Are my tatting WIPs out of hand?  Am I crazy?  Doable challenge?  Am I crazy?

I really shouldn't ask that, I'm thinking...
but, I guess I am...


  1. Good idea to challenge yourself to finish them but once you've done that you might have a problem knowing what to do next!!!!

    1. Jane, all I would need to do is spend five minutes on your site and I'd be good to many of your patterns I want to have a go at :-)

  2. Glad to see I'm not the only one...

  3. I have more projects then tat on the shuttles or drawing board. a challenge to finish things is a good idea.
    More time to do that would also be a good idea.
    Thanks for the look

    1. I know it...I need an extra couple of hours (or 24) in everyday! This is MAYBE 1/3 of the tatting projects I have started...I only showed what was on the table, not in my purse, car, tatting bag, and elsewhere :-) And, that's not counting the stuff I have sketches for, have on the to tat list, or otherwise have in mind :-)


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