Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day...

First of all, 
I want to wish each of you who are Mother's the happiest of Mother's Days!

My particular Mother's Day found me quite busy and without much time for sitting with my shuttles, but here is the small bit that I was able to finish today...

A pretty pair of hair clips in size 10 white something or other, rather fuzzy stuff but on a shuttle and needing to be used, and the remainder of the yellow that was on the shuttle left from yesterday's cross...I LOADED that shuttle apparently, couldn't even use it all up in the tail.

There is still a bit left.  The picture on the top left shows an itty bitty 3-D style center I did from the remaining white and then the rest of the yellow left on the shuttle.  I was thinking I would get time to try creating a sort of Daffodil style flower with the remaining thread...

But, well...I never got to sit again really (these happened during Church one seems to mind if I tat or crochet, most frequently I work on a prayer shawl or it was just these...and honestly, I can't focus on what is being said if my hands have nothing to do).

The day as a whole was something like this:

A lovely breakfast, sweet gifts from the girls, got to talk to all of our Mom's on the phone, a very nice Church service, picnic lunch down on the river walk, touring and buying plants at 3 local nurseries, planting all of my beautiful new plants, and an incredible pork chop dinner made by my husband! 

I thought you all might like to see my pretty plants...

The top two here are my herb pots in the back yard.  I planted lemon verbena, pineapple sage, french thyme, chives, chocolate mint, and transplanted 3 small "volunteer" sage plants from my herb bed to fill the remaining pots.  I am rather excited about the lemon verbena and pineapple sage...they are new ones to me and I am intrigued by their possibilities for herbal teas and whatnot.

The bottom two photos are my pots on either side of the front door.  The large pot has a pink geranium, and 3 each of blue lobelia and a deep pink wave petunia.  The terracotta pots have rosemary, which I love and usually bring inside to decorate the stairs in the lasts through Christmas typically.  The white pots have another sage transplant from my herb bed in the back.

I am looking forward to seeing these plants grow and fill their pots over the next few weeks!

Hope all of you had equally nice days with your loved ones! 
Happy Mother's Day!!!


Thank you for your comments...they are read and treasured!

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