Monday, May 13, 2013

Whiled Away with Workbasket...

I probably should tat first and read blogs later...but, after a busy day that did not involve time to sit, I did the later first and Lace Lovin' Librarian's post today led me to another way of whiling away my tatting time...

She is currently looking for all of the issues of the Workbasket magazine that have tatted cross patterns in them.  I find this of particular interest because I am fairly certain that these are the majority of the cross patterns that my Grandmother had access to and therefore tatted.

I knew I had two patterns, and was able to pull those copies from my was one (that sounds silly) that Diane didn't yet have...

I KNOW Grandma tatted this one, as I have seen this cross tatted by her...

(aren't the old illustrations lovely!)

It is from this issue...
which I recently acquired at our local thrift store (I paid 1/2 the "sticker price" on one of their sale days).
A happy acquisition for me and I was pleased to be able to share it too...

This is my "stash" of Workbaskets from various sources, some from Grandma (she gave me her duplicates years ago, but Daddy hasn't found her collection at the farm ~ don't know what happened to them), some from an antique store, a few from a friend from Church, and a few from the thrift store...

Now, as to whiling away my tatting time...I can only say that Workbaskets are like potato can not devour look at just one!

The small pile in front are my duplicate copies...I need to figure out what to do with these, there are certainly some interesting patterns in there.  

I am thinking about a giveaway to include some of these workbaskets and a few other "goodies" for my Birthday next week, 

What do you think?

I have never done a giveaway before, but I have been the recipient of some lovely things...perhaps it's time!


  1. Isn't it fun to have a challenge? Thanks for looking for me. I'm very interested in seeing how many different cross patterns there really were in The Workbasket.

    1. It is fun! Many of Grandma's crosses seem to be a variation on the same, so I have wondered about these and whether they were really different by much or very's quite intriguing.

  2. I'd be only too happy to add to my very sparse Work Basket collection! I never subscribed, but they were always being published and I took them from granted! I always enjoyed reading them, as I was a knitter and crocheter and general crafts person. I usually borrowed them from friends and returned them. Once I learned to tat I looked for them in the store, but before I knew it they stopped publishing! I always credit them for keeping up an awareness of tatting, and I always wondered who was actually able to tat!

    1. I will have to get it put together :-) I really love looking through them, they are a treasure trove of ideas and I though roughly enjoy the illustrations, advertisements, tips,'s fascinating to go through them and compare things from the different decades etc...and that's not even talking about the tatting patterns :-)

  3. I give my extras to the girls at our church. There is someone who knits, crochets, or tats. They are tickled to death to get one of them.


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