Saturday, May 11, 2013

Two Finished Today...

The first finish is the Mary Konior Mark-My-Words Cross...
but it seemed a little on the easy side as there was only one chain left to tat!
Here is where it was when I picked it up, how silly that I hadn't finished it...

Here it is finished!
The thread is a DMC Cabelia I think, the core looks the same as the others I have but it is missing the label, so I am not 100% certain...has the same feel and look too though, so pretty sure.  I believe it's a size 20.

Since the first finish was so simple, and I had the time today, 
I pulled another from my purse...
This is the Rachael Mohler Flower bookmark I was working on here.
I did four picots on each chain though, and five on the end with the tail so that there was a "middle".  
I tatted another of these sometime back in pink and yellow (I don't think I managed to post about it), and I most often tweak a pattern a little the next time round.

This is what was left...again, not a lot, maybe took a 1/2 hour or so to finish.

...and here it is completed. (25/25 motif challenge, time to start again)
The threads are Lizbeth size 20 Island Breeze and Ocean Turquoise Dark.

Love how both came out...and it's nice to have some finishes and three empty shuttles! (I use the remaining thread to make the tails the way I do, simple I know, but I like them this way)

We'll see if I can keep going and finish a few more!


  1. doesn't it feel good to get things finished? Yeah for you. and those are pretty bookmarks

    1. It does, and nice to have the finished items too :-) Thank you!!!

  2. Good for you! I shudder to think how many incomplete projects are lying around my house. Maybe I should go through and either finish them up or toss them out!

    1. Hah...the real reason - I ran out of shuttles...and thought it a little silly to keep buying more clovers when I have plenty of those! I would happily develop a nice collection of shuttles...but I don't need 50 bazillion plain ordinary clovers :-) Also, I did want to decorate some of them, and that seems rather difficult with projects attached to them!

  3. Both are really gorgeous!! :)


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