Thursday, May 2, 2013

Still Hooking...

Well, I spent several more hours with a hook in hand again today...I am about half way done with the border on this afghan.  Truly a terrible photo, had to use the flash., but I think you can see how prettily the border is taking shape...

This prayer shawl is done, I just edged it with a solid row of 1/2 double crochet.  That fuzzy yarn would hide the effect of most borders and keeping it simple seemed to work the best with this one.  I'll have to see if older daughter will model it for me before I take it to Church on's very lovely on.  

This is a pattern I came up with, a granny square style adapted to be a long rectangle, I call it my 130 Psalm seems appropriate for a prayer shawl and it begins with a chain of 130 stitches.

I will share more about the shawl pattern and some pictures of my tatting WIP stash hoard collection in the next few days...right now, I am afraid I am tired and ought to get to bed!

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